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Unwind Rawnola

Looking for that sunday breakfast feeling? With the Unwind rawnola you start the day relaxed with...

Reishi's "terpenes" (flavors and fragrances) promote hormone balance. This helps you relax and sleep deeper – and we all know how much more energy you have after a good night's sleep. balance your hormone system.

In addition, reishi protects against oxidation (think of “rust”) – both externally of the skin and internally of the DNA and mitochondria (the energy factories of the body). This keeps the skin clean and young and the body fit and vital. In the long term, reishi contributes to healthy ageing : healthy and fit ageing.

Want to know more about Reishi and why she is called the Queen of Mushrooms? Read it here .

Your brain's best friend
The Latin name “ Hericium Erinaceus ” is derived from “ Hericenones ” and “ Erinacines ”, 2 components of lion's mane. Hericenones stimulate nerve growth ( NGF ) in your brain. Erinacins are one of the few substances in nature that are small enough to pass through your blood-brain barrier. Because of this, Lion's mane promotes "Neurogenesis " – the repair and production of new brain cells and connections.

Want to know more about lion's mane (hericium) and its many other names and uses? Read it here .

Looking for that sunday breakfast feeling? With the Unwind rawnola you start the day relaxed with a delicious sweet-bitter taste of dark chocolate and fresh pieces of freeze-dried fruit.

Do you prefer Unwind rawnola as a desert topping? With this comfort food rawnola  you can relax in the evening, experience a deeper sleep and wake up rested. In other words, the perfect addition if you experience a lot of pressure, are regularly tense, or suffer from stress and restlessness.

Unwind rawnola bowl met yoghurt, bramen, banaan en abrikozen
Unwind rawnola grootverpakking met ontbijt op houten tafel
Unwind rawnola als topping op toetje

Customer Reviews

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Robbert Slagers

Unwind rawnola

Tim Smit

Heerlijk met havermout in wat sojamelk. Ik laat het in een schaaltje een nacht 'weken' in de koelkast en neem het dan als ontbijt. Gezond, vullend en lekker! 🌱✌️👍

Beste preworkout voor je training

Dit is de beste preworkout die je makkelijk kan combineren voor een training door je yoghurt/kwark, zonder dat je een crash na de training ervaart

Questions? We have answers

per 100gr per portion (45gr)


410 Kcal
1721 Kj

185 Kcal
775 Kj

Fats 20.4g 9.2g
- of which saturated 10.2 g 4.6g
Carbohydrates 48.2g 21.7g
- of which sugars 25.3g 11.4g
- of which fibers 12.5g 5.6g
Proteins 8.9g 4.0g
Salt 0.20g 0.09g

The base of dates and raw cocoa gives the comfort of creamy brownie pieces. With the grated coconut and freeze-dried fruit, every bite is slightly different.
The Unwind stack brings this “ordinary” superfood to super tranquilo :

+ 500mg Reishi
+ 500mg Lion's mane ( Hericium )
+ 30mg CBD isolate (contains 0.0% THC)

Want to know more about these supplements? Read it here .

Tip : Eat the Unwind rawnola as a dessert before your night's sleep.

For the optimal effect, we recommend taking them at different times.*
For example:

- An Endurance bar in the morning, a Flow bar in the afternoon and Unwind rawnola in the evening.
- An Endurance bar 1 hour before exercise and an Unwind rawnola bowl as a post-workout meal .
- A Flow bar during the coffee break and the Unwind rawnola for dessert after dinner.

*Keep the maximum daily doses in mind.

Keep the rawnola cool, dry and dark (e.g. in a cold cupboard or drawer). Then it will stay good for at least 9 months after production date.

On the product you'll find a best before date used for our quality assurance. If you store your rawnola beyond this date, use your nose and eyes to determine whether it is still edibe.

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