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Flow Rawnola

Deze Raw granola combineert de heerlijke smaken van dadel, tahin en walnoten met nootropic supplementen om je hersens te ondersteunen.

Your brain's best friend
The Latin name “ Hericium Erinaceus ” is derived from “ Hericenones ” and “ Erinacines ”, 2 components of lion's mane. Hericenones stimulate nerve growth ( NGF ) in your brain. Erinacins are one of the few substances in nature that are small enough to pass through your blood-brain barrier. Because of this, Lion's mane promotes "Neurogenesis " – the repair and production of new brain cells and connections.

Want to know more about lion's mane (hericium) and its many other names and uses? Read it here.

Cordyceps brings extra oxygen to the (brain) cells - and oxygen as fuel keeps you sharp and reduces the risk of illness. It also stimulates your ATP production (the energy source for all body cells), so you stay sharp and you get tired less quickly.

Want to know more about Cordyceps and how it was discovered? Read it on our Meet the Heroes page.

In low doses, guaraná supports memory and attention span. That is why there is only a little guarana in our Flow stack.

Would you like to know more about guarana and its ancient uses? Read our Meet the Heroes page.

Oats are an indispensable ingredient for concentrates. It is full of complex (or "slow") carbohydrates and has 11% fiber. This ensures that it digests gradually and releases energy over a long time.

Moreover, oats contain a lot of protein. With 14 grams of protein per 100 grams, oats contain up to twice (!) as much protein as other vegetable protein sources such as cooked chickpeas or black beans.

Want to know more about our gluten-free oats? Have a look at this blog article .

Walnuts really do justice to their shape. These brain-shaped nuts are full of vegetable omega 3 fats - fats that nourish your brain and play an important role in your mood.

In addition, walnuts contain a lot of protein and are a good source of iron and vitamins E and B1. They also contribute to healthy intestinal flora, which is essential for proper absorption of nutrients.

Together with the tahini and dates, the walnuts create a sweet-savory taste of Middle Eastern sweets.

With their caramel-like taste and soft structure, our Dalia Sukkaray dates are ideally suited for making rawnola.

In addition, dates are full of fiber and rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. They even contain some protein and healthy fats. This makes dates a much more complete and healthier sweetener than natural alternatives such as honey and maple syrup.

You can read all about our dates in this blog article.

Tahini, or roasted sesame paste, is a unique addition to the Flow rawnola . It is rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber and is full of B vitamins necessary for energy production.

In addition, tahini contains a lot of iron and copper. This is an important mineral combination, because copper is needed to absorb iron. Finally, you will also find good amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium in tahini. These are important electrolytes for communication in your brain and the contraction and relaxation of your muscles.

In combination with the walnuts and dates, the tahini creates a delicious Middle Eastern taste of sweet and savory.

Raisins are a standard ingredient for muesli and granola – their soft, sweet taste goes well with nuts and grains.

In addition, raisins are rich in antioxidants and contain iron, calcium and boron (calcium and boron, together with vitamin D, ensure strong bones). In addition, raisins also contain “phytochemicals” - these fight unwanted bacteria in your mouth that can otherwise lead to cavities and bad teeth.

Want to know more about our sultana raisins? Read this blog article.

In addition to fiber and proteins, coconut grater, like coconut oil, contains a lot of MCT fats. These fats digest quickly because your liver can convert them directly into “ketones”.

Ketones are an alternative energy source to sugar. They provide long-lasting and stable energy and keep you mentally sharp.

Your body also uses ketones during low-intensity exercise such as jogging, hiking and cycling, and also when you are in ketosis due to (intermittent) fasting or a keto diet.

You can read more about the most controversial fat from coconut in this blog article.

Celtic sea salt is the "primal" mineral supplement. In addition to sodium (the mineral with a "salt taste"), it contains about 70 other minerals, including the electrolytes magnesium, calcium and potassium.

This means it has a more complex taste than “pure salt” and you need less of it to flavor your food.

Want to know more about Celtic sea salt? Then read this blog article.

Cacao is full of antioxidants and is the plant product with the highest concentration of magnesium – a mineral that we get far too little of in the standard Western diet.

In addition, cocoa contains a lot of healthy fats, which give it that delicious creamy taste, and it is rich in proteins. Finally, cocoa contains theobromine and a little bit of caffeine , these substances make you alert and have a positive effect on your mood.

Want to know more about cocoa? Then read this blog article.

Start your day right with a Flow breakfast. This RAW granola combines nootropic supplements with the delicious flavors of dates, tahini, and walnuts. 

The Flow rawnola is literal “food for thought”. It has supplements to support your brain, and omega 3 fats to nourish your brain. So, are you looking for a calm focus without the jitters of caffeine? Use this rawnola for your (vegan) yogurt, oats or smoothie bowl and enjoy the peace of a well-supported brain.

Flow rawnola bowl met yoghurt, aardbei, banaan en mango

Customer reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tasty food for my head

Tastes good, chill for breakfast, and I feel like my head is going really well on it; I feel more relaxed and I feel I can think clearly.

On its own I think it has a bit of a strong taste, also a bit salty, so think it needs some addition (as in the illustration). I eat it myself with a lot of soy yogurt (200-300 ml) with some oat flakes and mixed nuts. Then it's a perfect hearty breakfast for body and head!

Jeroen Mulder
Nice and crunchy start your day!

Good bite, good taste, good boost at the start of your day!

Tasty and healthy addition

Handy to eat in the morning, for example, with yogurt or on a banana for those extra nutrients!

Questions? We have answers.

Ingredients: gluten-free oats, dates, walnuts , tahini , (roasted sesame seed 100%), raisins, cocoa powder, ground coconut, 1,200 mg hericium extract, 300 mg cordyceps extract, Celtic sea salt, 150 mg guarana powder.

May contain hard natural particles and traces of: gluten, soy, milk, lactose and peanuts. Guarana powder contains caffeine, not recommended for children and pregnant women.

per 100gr per portion (45gr)


459 Kcal
1913 Kj
212 Kcal
861 Kj
Fats 25.6g 11.5g
- of which saturated 4.9g 2.2g
Carbohydrates 43.1g 19.4g
- of which sugars 21.3g 9.6g
- of which fibers 10.0g 4.5g
Proteins 12.7g 5.7g


0.29g 0.13g

The base of Tahini and Walnuts feeds your brain with healthy omega 3 fats. These are mixed with dates, raw cocoa and grated coconut for a fiber-rich flavor so that you don't get a sugar dip. Our Flow supplements transform this rawnola into a real superfood:

+ 1,200mg Lion's mane ( Hericium ) extract
+ 300mg Cordyceps extract
+ 150 mg Guarana powder

Want to know more about these supplements? Read it here.

We recommend eating no more than 3 servings (135 grams) of Flow rawnola per day, for a maximum of 5/7 days per week.*

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lion's mane ( Hericium ) and Cordyceps have been used safely for thousands of years. In the West, the maximum dose has never been established, but the recommended daily dose is between 1–5 grams. Cordyceps has been used safely by healthy* adults in daily doses of 3–6 grams for 1 year.

Although Guaraná contains on average 2-3x as much caffeine as coffee (3.9%, varying from harvest to harvest), the Flow rawnola contains only 6mg of caffeine per serving – slightly more than a cup of decaf. Although for healthy adults doses up to 400 mg per day have been tested safe, caffeine sensitivity is highly individual. Do not eat the Flow rawnola later than 5 hours before going to sleep to avoid disturbing your night's sleep.

*Cordyceps stimulates your blood flow and strengthens your immune system. While this is desirable for most people, Cordyceps may exacerbate symptoms when taken before surgery or with autoimmune conditions. Do not use in combination with immunosuppressants and anticoagulants.

For the optimal effect, we recommend taking them at different times.* For example:

- Flow rawnola in the morning and an Endurance bar to power through in the afternoon.
- An Endurance bar to kickstart the morning and a Flow rawnola bowl during lunch break.

*Keep the maximum daily doses in mind.

Store the rawnola cool, dry and dark (e.g. in a cold cupboard or drawer). Then it will stay good for at least 9 months after production date. After opening, the shelf life is limited.

On the product you'll find a best before date used for our quality assurance. If you store your rawnola beyond this date, use your nose and eyes to determine whether it is still edibe.

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