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Endurance Rawnola

Kickstart je ontbijtroutine met een Endurance rawnola bowl! Deze RAW granola combineert natuurlijke supplementen met een heerlijke cheat flavor van chocolade, haver en amandel-hazelnootpasta.

Cordyceps stimulates blood circulation and oxygen uptake - and oxygen as a fuel supports endurance and reduces the risk of disease. Cordyceps also stimulates ATP production (the energy source for all body cells). This makes you more energetic and less tired.

Furthermore, cordyceps has anti-inflammatory uses, supports immune function and stimulates circulation and testosterone production. Because of the latter 2, Cordyceps contributes to a healthy libido and this mushroom is also called “ Cordysex ”.

Want to know more about cordyceps, or curious how it was discovered? Read it here .

Guaraná is one of nature's strongest stimulants! With an average of 4.7% caffeine, guarana seeds are 2-3 times as strong as coffee beans!

We all know the effects of caffeine: it keeps you awake, energizes and stimulates a cheerful feeling. But due to the high fiber content of guarana seeds, the effect is gradual and long-lasting. So you don't get an energy peak or crash as is often the case with coffee or energy drinks.

What is lesser known is that caffeine is also a strong antioxidant. In other words, a protector of the body cells. In addition, guaraná also contains theophylline and theobromine , making it comparable to green tea. Theophylline helps lung and heart function and theobromine acts as a caffeine diet .

Would you like to know more about guarana and its ancient uses? Read it here.

Oats are an indispensable ingredient for concentrates. It is full of complex (or "slow") carbohydrates and has 11% fiber. This ensures that it digests gradually and releases energy over a long time.

Moreover, oats contain a lot of protein. With 14 grams of protein per 100 grams, oats contain up to twice (!) as much protein as other vegetable protein sources such as cooked chickpeas or black beans.

Want to know more about our gluten-free oats? Then read this blog article.

Almonds and hazelnuts are indispensable in an athletes diet. Together they provide this delicious nut butter with 19% proteins, healthy fats, magnesium and almost all B vitamins (important for energy production and oxygen transport)!

The nuts are roasted in their own fat to give them more flavor and ground into a paste to loosen the fats and give the bars a smooth texture.

You can read more about our almond-hazelnut spread in this blog article.

In terms of taste, chocolate-almond-hazelnut is of course a no-brainer. Moreover, with 80% dark chocolate you have a lot of cocoa. Cacao is full of antioxidants and is the plant product with the highest concentration of magnesium – a mineral that we get far too little of in the standard Western diet.

In addition, cocoa contains a lot of healthy fats, which give chocolate that delicious smooth taste, and it is rich in proteins. Finally, cocoa contains theobromine and a little bit of caffeine , these substances make you alert and have a positive effect on your mood.

Want to know more about our 80% dark chocolate? Then read this blog article.

Raisins are a standard ingredient for muesli and granola – their soft, sweet taste goes well with nuts and grains.

In addition, raisins are rich in antioxidants and contain iron, calcium and boron (calcium and boron, together with vitamin D, ensure strong bones). In addition, raisins also contain “phytochemicals” - these fight unwanted bacteria in your mouth that can otherwise lead to cavities and bad teeth.

Want to know more about our Sultanas? Read it in this blog article.

With their caramel-like taste and soft, fleshy structure, our Dalia Sukkaray dates are ideally suited for making rawnola .

In addition, dates are full of fiber and rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. They even contain some protein and healthy fats, making them a much more complete and healthier sweetener than natural alternatives such as honey and maple syrup.

You can read more about our dates in this blog article.

Just like most nuts, kernels and seeds, pumpkin seeds are also full of healthy fats, proteins (30%!) and fiber. In addition, they are rich in magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. And as if that wasn't enough: they also contain a lot of “nitrate”.

Nitrate dilates your blood vessels. This gives you better blood circulation, allowing you to transport more oxygen. The result ? Faster warm-up, more energy and better condition during exercise!

You can read more about our pumpkin seeds in this blog article.

In addition to the 80% pure chocolate, the cacao nibs add even more of the superfood cacao, but with extra crunch!

Celtic sea salt is the "primal" mineral supplement. In addition to sodium (the mineral with a "salt taste"), it contains about 70 other minerals, including the electrolytes magnesium, calcium and potassium.

This means it has a more complex taste than “pure salt” and you need less of it to flavor your food.

Want to know more about Celtic sea salt? Then read this blog article .

Coconut oil contains a lot of MCT fats. These fats digest quickly because your liver can convert them directly into “ketones”.

Ketones are an alternative energy source to sugar. Your body uses them during low-intensity exercise such as jogging, hiking and cycling, and also when you are in ketosis due to (intermittent) fasting or a keto diet.

In addition, more than 50% of the saturated fat in coconut oil consists of “lauric acid”. This fatty acid is also found in breast milk and is antifungal and bactericidal and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

You can read more about this controversial type of fat in this blog article .

Cinnamon is full of antioxidants and also has a stabilizing effect on your blood sugar levels - it can reduce blood sugar peaks and increase insulin sensitivity. This converts the sugars you eat into more even and long-lasting energy. No wonder it tastes so good with all kinds of sweets!

You can read more about cinnamon and what types there are in this blog article .

Kickstart your breakfast routine with the Endurance rawnola! A delicious cheat flavor of chocolate, oats and almond-hazelnut  that is both nutritious and healthy!

This RAW granola contains natural supplements for an energetic start to the day. Alternatively, you can add it to upgrade your pre-workout meal or use it to stay energetic during long (night) shifts.

Papieren Endurance rawnola zak met ingrediënten ernaast
Endurance rawnola bowl yoghurt, met bramen en bloedsinaasappel
Endurance rawnola op ontbijttray naast sportvrouw

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfecte lunch

Als broodliefhebber voor ontbijt eet ik de granola met de lunch. Fijne tekstuur, goede energie voor de rest van de dag en niet te zoet.


Bought it at the Vegan Lente Markt in Groningen, and just had it as a dessert on top of some soy yoghurt tonight! It’s super tasty, but healthy at the same time. Nice job

Michael .G
Endurance Rawnola

Goede start van de dag om met Endurance Rawnola een bak yoghurt te beginnen!! Lekker met een bite een paar scheppen er in. Puur zonder extra toevoegingen energiek gevoel met geleidelijke afgifte om de eerste uren door te komen, en ook goed en voedzaam voor alvorens aan het sporten te nemen 🦾

Super lekker!!

Dit is echt een lekkere granola. Heerlijk om je dag zo te beginnen 🥰 Granola, vers fruit en soja yoghurt 🌱👌🏽

Vullend en Lekker

Door de hoge vezelgehalte een lekker vullend ontbijt! Een goede kickstart om je dag mee te beginnen, geeft genoeg energie om de ochtend door te komen! 💯

Questions? We have answers.

Ingredients: gluten-free oats, almond-hazelnut paste (roasted hazelnuts, 50%, roasted almonds 50%, sea salt), 80% dark chocolate (cocoa mass 80%, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla pods), raisins, date paste (dates, sunflower oil), roasted pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, 1500 mg cordyceps extract, Celtic sea salt, 1,000 mg guarana powder, Extra Virgin RAW coconut oil, Ceylon cinnamon powder.

May contain hard natural particles and traces of: soy, milk, lactose, peanuts and sesame. Guarana powder contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

per 100gr per portion (45gr)


485 Kcal
2042 Kj
218 Kcal
919 Kj
Fats 29.6g 13.3g
- of which saturated 8.6g 3.9g
Carbohydrates 41.3g 18.6 g
- of which sugars 15.7g 7.1g
- of which fibers 10.2g 4.6g
Proteins 14.2g 6.4g
Salt 0.29g 0.13g

The base of aots, almond-hazelnut spread, coconut oil and 80% dark chocolate give you all the nutrients for long-lasting energy. We go the extra mile with our Endurance supplements:

+ 1,500mg Cordyceps
+ 1,000 mg of guarana

Want to know more about these supplements? Read it here .

We recommend eating no more than 2 servings (90 grams) of Endurance rawnola per day, for a maximum of 5/7 days per week.*

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cordyceps has been used safely for thousands of years. In the West, the maximum dose for Cordyceps has never been established, but it has been used safely by healthy* adults in daily doses of 3–6 grams for 1 year.

Our guaraná contains an average of 3.9% caffeine, varying from harvest to harvest. That means that the Endurance rawnola contains an average of 39 mg of caffeine per serving – comparable to 1 cup of black tea. Although doses of up to 400 mg per day have been tested safe for healthy adults, caffeine sensitivity is highly individual. Eat the Endurance rawnola no later than 6 hours before you go to sleep to prevent your sleep from being disturbed.

* Cordyceps stimulates your blood flow and strengthens your immune system. For the
This is desirable for most people, but before surgery and in autoimmune conditions, Cordyceps may exacerbate symptoms. Do not use in combination with
immunosuppressants and anticoagulants.

For the optimal effect, we recommend taking the products at different times.* For example:

- Endurance rawnola in the morning, and a Flow bar in the afternoon.
- A Flow bar for breakfast and an Endurance rawnola bowl as a pre-workout meal (1-1.5 hours before your training).
- A Flow bar during your coffee break at work and Endurance rawnola to power through in the afternoon.

*Consider the maximum daily doses.

Store the rawnola cool, dry and dark (e.g. in a cold cupboard or drawer). Then it will stay good for at least 9 months after production date. After opening, the shelf life is limited.

On the product you'll find a best before date used for our quality assurance. If you store your rawnola beyond this date, use your nose and eyes to determine whether it is still edibe.

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